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National Fragile X Awareness Day 2011!

Today, July 22nd, is the 12th annual National Fragile X Awareness Day!

National Fragile X Awareness Day - Jully 22, 2011If you haven’t already, please visit the Fragile X Awareness page and share it with your friends and family. We’ve shared our story and we hope you’ll share yours as well. The National Fragile X Foundation has also created a great Awareness Day video which features pictures from a lot of the stories that were shared on the Awareness page.

We, along with the National Fragile X Foundation are committed to promoting awareness of Fragile X. Please take a few minutes to make a wall post on facebook or tweet on twitter about Fragile X, tell a co-worker how FXD has touched your life, reach out to friends and family and have them do the same. The more people that we inform about Fragile X, the more than know.

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