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We're Back from Advocacy Day!

We had a fantastic time in Washington, D.C. acting as advocates on behalf of the National Fragile X Foundation! This was the first year that we participated and it was a amazing experience. This year the Massachusetts delegation consisted of Eric and Melissa Welin (hi!), Denise and Kelley Devine of the Fragile X Resource Center of Western Massachusetts and Ed Hanrahan of Mashpee, MA. Ed is not the parent of a child with Fragile X, he has friends who do however and he has been going to Washington for years to advocate on this issue on their behalf. How very cool is that?

We did not receive a single letter to take with us to Washington which meant that we were not able to get appointments to meet with all of the Representatives for the state which was rather disappointing. We are hoping for a better result next year, because we are definitely going back! We hope everyone gives some thought to attending next year, it’s a really empowering experience and it absolutely makes a difference.

Also, we had our first Parent’s Night Out on March 5th, there was a small turnout but it was really nice to meet some new folks! Next up will be a Mom’s Night Out…stay tuned for details!

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