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Action Request for Fragile X Families in Massachusetts!

We are excited to be representing the Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern Massachusetts at the upcoming 2011 Advocacy Day in Washington, DC. We know that many of you wish you could also attend but here is a way you can still have an impact.

Please Write a Letter!

We will hand deliver your letter(s) to your Members of Congress. If there is an advocate who also resides in your district in attendance they can use the letter during their meetings to strengthen their message.  If there is not an advocate from your district, your letter will enable us to have a face-to-face meeting with your representative on your behalf increasing our ability to educate more Members of Congress about Fragile X.

Here is a description of what the letter should include:

  1. Describe in 250 words or less what a day in the life of a person with Fragile X is like or how Fragile X has impacted your life or the life of someone you know. Handwritten letters are preferred unless your writing is illegible.
  2. Please address your letter(s) to Senator John Kerry, Senator Scott Brown and your House representative.  If you are not sure who your representative is, please check (top left, by zip code).
  3. Letters should not request or comment on issues, programs, politics, etc.
  4. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address (very important!).

Please email the letter(s) to Melissa Welin at with “2011 Advocacy Day Letter” in the subject line no later than February 15th.

If you do not live in Massachusetts you can still participate. We will forward all letters to the National Fragile X Foundation.

Thank you for adding to our voices in Washington!

Eric & Melissa Welin
Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern Massachusetts.

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