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One thing I know many of us struggle with is finding specialists who are familiar with and are successful in working with kids or adults with Fragile X.

We are going to circulate a form (by e-mail) which the National Fragile X Foundation developed. We are going to ask you to complete this form . . . » Continue reading

Resource Library

I want to point out, in case you’ve missed it, that the National Fragile X Foundation has provided us with a number of books to share with you all. Please check out the Resource Library for a listing of our current volumes. Contact Eric or I if there is anything you’d like to borrow. . . . » Continue reading

Now on Twitter!

To continue with the precedent of adding a new feature on reaching a milestone of users “liking” us, we’ve added Twitter to expand our web visibility. You can follow us at @FragileXMA.

Thank you!

New Regional Groups Page

Thanks to some publicity from Holly Roos of  Central Illinois Fragile X we broke the 75 user “likes” on our Facebook Page and that’s a good milestone so we’re going to push out a new feature. We added a Regional Groups page which lists all of the Fragile X groups in northeastern US. If . . . » Continue reading

We have our own event calendar

We’ve just added the newest feature to our site, a Fragile X event calendar. We put up the calendar as an easy way to see upcoming events. Our plan is to include events in the New England area, web/phone events and any event that people from our region would want to go to. So . . . » Continue reading

Welcome to the Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern MA

Welcome to the website for the newly formed Fragile X LINKS Group of Eastern Massachusetts!

This website will be undergoing a lot of changes as the group takes shape over the coming months. On our homepage we’ve put a form for users to fill out if they’d like to be kept up to date . . . » Continue reading